Photo Mode

Photo Mode

Photo Mode

Available on all iPhones.

Photo mode is usually the best choice for objects where you want a lot of accuracy and detail, or if you don’t have access to a LiDAR sensor. It works by taking a sequence of standard photos and uploading them to a more powerful computer which creates the reconstruction.

Choosing your subject!

Your object should have lots of surface detail and texture. Patterns, artwork, and organic surfaces work really well.

Even, diffuse lighting is key to a good capture. If you object is reflective or shiny, try to diffuse the lighting as much as possible.

If the object is rigid, you can move it during your session, either by flipping it or rotating it. If you do move your object, make sure to flip the “Object Masking” toggle to on before processing.

To summarize:

  • DO choose subjects with lots of surface detail and texture
  • DO choose rigid objects (not floppy)
  • DON’T choose reflective and blank surfaces
  • DON’T choose thin, hairlike structures

How to capture

Photo Mode requires images of a subject from many different perspectives. Make sure to capture your subject from all angles. Take photos from above and below, as well as different sides.

Try to maintain at least 50% overlap between photos so that the system can register them. Not all photos need to encompass the whole subject. You can get closer and take more photos around detailed areas.

Remember to move the camera around the object. Great capture are made by getting a subject from as many perspectives as possible!

To summarize:

  • Take 25-200 photos (up to 1000 images with Pro)
  • Capture from all angles
  • Maintain 50% overlap between photos
  • Fill the camera’s field of view with the object

Auto vs. Manual Shutter

Photo mode has two shutter settings: Auto and Manual.

With Auto, you only have to tap the capture button once, and the app will decide when to take photos based on your motion. If you’re capturing a physical space, we recommend using Auto with a single recording session. This lets us know that the images were captured sequentially and can produce better results.

With Manual, you can tap the capture button to snap individual frames exactly when you want. You can use both settings on the same capture. For example, you can add Manual photos to a session that was otherwise captured with Auto.

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