What is XL Photogrammetry?

What is XL Photogrammetry?

Polycam Pro lets you use up to 2000 photos for your scans. Why is this cool?

May 30, 2024

What is XL Photogrammetry?

  • Use hundreds or thousands of images to make a model that is
    • Large AND detailed at the same time
    • Has lots of occlusion — objects covering or blocking other obects
    • Viewable from any angle


Tips for better photogrammetry

  1. Movement. Move the camera EVERYWHERE and from EVERY ANGLE. Usually I walk around the outside of the thing I'm scanning, moving the camera up and down while aiming in towards the object.
  1. Video. Photos are highest resolution, but if you need to go fast, try using Slow-Mo video. This is an easy way to capture hundreds of “photos” of an object in just a few seconds.
  2. image

  1. Upload the videos on poly.cam by clicking “Create capture”
  2. image
  3. Then click Create a 3D model
  4. image
  1. Patterns. If you’re trying to take scans that include shiny things (like mirrors):
    1. Put tape on it in random patterns.
    2. Look at the mirror in this scan I did -- I covered the mirror in paper, then scribbled on top of it.

Happy Scanning from Polycam 🚀