Announcing Polycam for Enterprise

Since we launched Polycam for Teams one year ago, we’ve been gathering feedback and working to make Polycam as helpful as possible for companies with many Polycam users.

As part of that continued effort, we’re restructuring Polycam for Teams into Polycam for Enterprise. Concretely, this means a few major changes to the product, listed below:

Changes to Polycam for Teams

  1. Individual users are no longer able to create Teams on Polycam. If you’d like to set up Polycam for your company or organization, please contact us directly.
  2. Existing Teams which upgraded to the Polycam Teams subscription will be grandfathered in to the Polycam for Enterprise plan. These Teams will not be charged for their Polycam Teams subscription moving forward. Our sales team will reach out over the coming year to figure out an Enterprise plan which will suit these organizations.
  3. Individual users who created a free Polycam Team (but did not upgrade it) will no longer have access to their Polycam Team after April 15, 2024. There are still many great ways to collaborate with a small group in Polycam, detailed in the “Free ways to collaborate in Polycam” section below.

Free ways to collaborate in Polycam

1. Upload and share captures directly

Any Polycam user is able to upload and share an unlimited number of captures or 3D models via Polycam’s web services. Upload a capture from any mobile device (or view in the Polycam web app), and then tap the “Share” icon. You can invite as many other collaborators as you like by entering in their email address.

2. Shared albums

You can also invite an unlimited number of users to albums that you create on Polycam. This enables them to add their own captures, or edit any captures that have been added by others. If you have a small team who needs access to the same set of captures/data, this is a great replacement for the Polycam for Teams product.

3. Follow your friends on Polycam Explore

If you’d like to see what your friends are capturing, you can follow individual users in Polycam’s Explore section. There’s a “Following” feed to filter only for users you’ve intentionally followed. You can duplicate their captures directly into your own library by tapping the “Save” icon on any capture with Saving enabled in Explore.