360 Mode

360 Mode

360 Mode

Available on iPhone 11 or newer.

With Polycam’s 360 Mode, you can take fully stitched 360 panorama images directly on your iPhone 🌎. Begin by pressing pressing the record button, then simply rotate your device in a circle along the guided line.


We use the latest AI infilling techniques to decrease the amount of time spent capturing each photo by a factor of 3-4x.

With Polycam 360 Capture you can:

  • Capture breathtaking landscapes and save all the good memories in 360
  • Create captivating virtual environments for gaming or immersive VR experiences
  • Seamlessly fill any unseen areas with generative AI technology in seconds
  • Use the background tool which lets you set a 360 image as the background of a 3D capture

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