Can I use Polycam for free? 

Last Updated
Oct 16, 2023 7:24 PM

Polycam can be used for free (you can tap to close the "Go Pro" screen and continue to the free version of the app). There are differences between the features Polycam has for iOS, Android, and the Web app versions, but all versions of Polycam can generate a number of free 3D captures in Photo scan mode, with more free scans able to be earned by doing in-app tasks.

Earning more free Photo mode captures:

In the mobile Polycam app, you can see what tasks there are and how many more scans it rewards after you scan.

To see this, you can go to Photo mode, take a few pictures to start a scan, and on the next page at the top, it shows you how many free scans you have left with a button "learn more." Tapping on that button will show you the list of tasks you can do to earn more, such as uploading a 3D capture to the public Explore feed. By doing this, you can earn many more free scans.

File Formats:

All 3D captures can be exported for free to the GLTF/GLB file format. The textures are packed within the model file.

Other Scan Modes:

For iOS devices that support LiDAR, LiDAR and Room mode are free to scan (and can be exported to the GLTF/GLB 3D format).

The 360 photo mode for the iOS version of the app is free to scan and export as a GLTF/GLB model, or an image but it will contain a watermark without a Polycam Pro subscription. The GLTF/GLB model exports as a sphere with the image applied to it, and the 360 photo image by itself is exported as an equirectangular 360 panorama JPG image.

To see more information about the differences between iOS, Android, and Web versions and their features of the Polycam app, see this article.