How do I change my Polycam account email address?

Last Updated
Oct 16, 2023 7:24 PM

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to change emails associated with Polycam accounts yet. We recognize that this is not ideal for customers who lose access to certain emails, and are working on making this an available function. For now, the following can be done to switch to a new Polycam account with the new email:

  1. Create a new Polycam account with the new desired email.
  2. Share and save the existing captures from the original Polycam account with the new Polycam account.
  3. If the existing Polycam account has any subscriptions, then those can be canceled and refunded and a new Polycam Pro or Teams subscription can be signed up on the new Polycam account.

Note about exporting and downloading raw image data:

Raw images used to generate a 3D capture are tied with the original device and the Polycam account that created them. Meaning, if you want to export any raw images from the original 3D scans at some point, it will need to be done with the original Polycam account (with the old email) on the original device.